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Become a Games DesignerEasy to follow Video CourseNo previous skills needed Design your own computer games!Wouldnt you like to do this !!

From: David Batty
RE: This Games Design Course

Dear Games Designer,

My name is David Batty, I have been a programmer for over 30 years and a teacher of programming and IT for over 20 years.

I am a teacher trainer (training IT teachers in the art of programming) but I am also a great fan of games design with Gamemaker Studio.

I have designed a great games design course which is suitable for anyone wanting to design their own computer games.

I will be your course instructor on this course, I have taught this course over many thousands of hours in the classroom, now I am making it available online to everyone.

Please take time to read this page to find out more about my easy to follow video based games design course.

I look forward to seeing you on the course.

David Batty

Hi future games designer.

My name is David Batty, I have been a programmer for over 30 years, and a teacher of IT and programming for over 20 years.

I am a teacher trainer (teaching IT teachers) but I am also a great fan of Gamemaker Games Design and I am the course instructor here.

Please watch the video below to find out more about my easy to follow video based games design course.

I can guarantee you will be making games in no time with this course.....
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Could my child follow this course?

This course follows the same structure of content I teach in the classroom and to school teachers in the UK when I deliver teacher CPD courses, I have ensured that the course requires no existing programming or design skills. 

Only you know your childs ability to use a computer, but I can confirm that the course has been successfully used by many children from aged 8 upwards who followed the course without any need for help.

What you will learn on this course...

 Real customer feedback  – here’s what others have said about my games design course.

The fastest way to get in to professional games design using a free download of Gamemaker Studio from YoYo Games.
This was a great course that was so easy to follow.  I had no skills to start with, so I am really pleased that as a complete beginner I am now writing my own games. I am now seriously looking at changing my job so that I can be a games programmer working from home :)

E Parkinson
I am a teacher who found that I needed to upgrade my skills due to curriculum changes. I found your course well structured, excellently presented, and so easy to access in the spare time I have in the evenings and in class.

I was delivering games design lessons within a week of signing up to the course!

L Kind
System Requirements.

No further purchase necessary to start this course, just log in, download the free software from YoYo Games and start learning.

You need a computer running Windows XP, Windows 7 or Microsoft Windows 8 to run the software.

The course is accessed through your browser by logging in on the green bar at the top of this site.
My Guarantee to YouI can guarantee that with my tution you will learn how to design and program computer games even if you have never done any games design or programming before.
Sign up now and start learning straight away!!!
Get instant access to Games Design 1 for only  £40.

Yes! I want to start this awesome course right now. I understand that I will get:
  • Quality training from a top uk teacher, software developer and IT trainer
  • A well structured and presented course for absolute beginners of any age.
  • Access to high quality videos showing each process in detail.
  • Auto marked questions on each lesson to consolidate learning.
  • Link to download the free Gamemaker Studio Software needed for the course.
  • Free download of the Sprites (graphic images) used in the videos.
  • Follow up tips, shortcuts and textual summary of each video lesson.
  • Skills needed to progress to the optional Games Design 2 course.
I look forward to you joining me on this course, learning how to write your own games with Gamemaker Studio.

David Batty (Course Tutor). Cert Ed. QTLS, 7307, DBS.
David Batty
How to create your own computer games by starting with easy drag and drop programming. 
Where to find hundreds of thousands of free graphics, characters and backdrops to use in your games.
How to save your game as a stand alone Windows executable file, or as an installer package that you can sell or give away.
The course tutor David Batty teaching Games Design in the classroom.

Downloading and Installing  Gamemaker, Creating Rooms and Levels for your game, Creating Sprites from supplied graphics, Creating Sprites from scratch using the Sprite Editor, Creating Programmable Objects in your game, The Event and Action model of programming, Moving your character around the screen. Responding to No Key being pressed, Handing Collisions between Objects, Making Objects Solid and handling bouncing, Keyboard Shortcuts for efficiency, Deleting Objects in a Room, Deleting Multiple Objects in a Room, Moving in any direction with Move Free, Angular Co-Ordinates in Gamemaker, Making objects Bounce, How to End a Game when player quits, Creating and using Controller Objects, Adding a scoring system to your game, Relative Versus Absolute co-ordinates, How to draw Graphic User Interfaces, Creating Fonts to use for scoring etc, How to Draw your Score on screen, Changing the Font and Font Colour, Defining and using Lives, Drawing lives as Life Images, Screen Co-Ordinates in Gamemaker, Make your character jump to its Start location, How to Restart a Room or level, Testing the number of lives left and making decisions, How to Change Background Colours in a room or level, Choosing Screen Sizes for your games, How to Duplicate Events to save time and effort, How to Destroy Instances (eg. When hit), Responding to Objects going Outside of a Room, How to load and Play Sounds in your game, Using Formulas to calculate bounce angles, Creating and editing graphics using the Sprite Editor, Responding to Keypresses from the keyboard, How to create moving bullets, objects etc., Add Gameplay and tips to improve your games, Add a Background to your rooms or levels, Time saving tips on Duplicating Levels, Counting Instances left (eg. coins left to collect), How to move to the next room or level, Designing Buttons (eg. Play, Quit etc), Responding to Mouse Button events, Using Functions such as String() to process text, How to Create Effects such as sparks, smoke, snow etc., Using Step Events and Begin Step for smoother gameplay, Check if your character is lined up with a Grid, Using Exit Event in Movement, Transforming, Rotating, Editing and Flipping Sprites, Using Change Sprite to alter your Objects appearance, Creating Blocks in your code, Check if a Next Room or Level exists, How to Restart Game or Quit a game, How to create Views and have the view follow your player, How to package your game for distribution, and much more....

Just look at what you will learn on this course!!!You could be designing and programming your own games for fun or profit in no time at all...